We offer the “missing piece” in today’s sex education: teaching teens how to have healthy relationships and how delaying sexual activity can actually improve relationship outcomes.

In June 2015, Teen Decision restarted a 15-year-old program that had had been concluded by its founder due to a lack of funding.  In the 2015-16 school year, we were able to reach over 8,000 teens in 35 schools and community groups with the same successful program teachers had come to appreciate.  These teachers were so happy to have our program again available to them:

  • …by far the best program we bring into our schools!
  • I have used them for many years; they are the only program that still comes into my classroom.
  • Our students LOVE the speakers.
  • This program has become an integral part of our health curriculum and helps meet State Goals and Standards.
  • Every student in our school is a part of the lessons taught by [this program] and it has impacted our school tremendously.
  • At the end of each semester our students overwhelmingly give very positive feedback… As an educator for 21 years, I know that having outside speakers reinforce the lessons and concepts I teach has been critical to our students’ understanding.

Teen Decision continues to offer a three- to five-day curriculum in a classroom setting.  We also offer parent presentations.  You can find out more by emailing info@teendecision.org for a description of our teen or parent workshops, or to schedule teen or parent workshops for your school, church or community organization.

Teachers and Youth Leaders often ask about the resources they see us use in the classroom.  Here is how you can get some of our teaching tools:

Beanboozled. If you would like to purchase your very own box of Beanboozled jelly beans, they are available on Amazon.

RAM charts. The RAM charts we use are produced by Love Thinks, Inc. Their site also has student workbooks and the book How to Avoid Falling in 

STD Youth Risk PDF

Quiz: What DON’T You Know About Sex?  PDF DOC

Worksheet for Students DOC PDF 

Extended Worksheet DOC PDF

Using Movies to Talk to Teens. Our ecourse for parents is available as .pdf downloads here.