Teen Decision wants to help you become the core of your child’s character development. The research says you make the greatest difference in your child’s future choices about dating, relationships, sex and abstinence — not friends, media, or teachers — you! Teen Decision offers programs to equip you to be the voice your child needs to hear. We are your partner in teaching teens to make healthy choices!

What will you teach my child?

If your child’s school is partnering with Teen Decision, learn more about our program by downloading our info page for parents.

Teen Decision specializes in teaching the social and emotional side of sexuality education. We educate and equip; we inform and inspire. Our hope is that your child will walk away from their class understanding more than just the risks of STDs and pregnancy that can come from being sexually active at a young age. Our hope is that they will understand how sex affects the way we think and feel about other people, that it affects relationship development and mood, and that delaying sexual activity can actually help them experience healthier relationships in their teen years and beyond.

“I used to think that being in high school and having done no sexual things was like a sign of immaturity…. Now I realize how good it is and I am so happy about it.  I feel a lot more respect for myself, and it’s such a great feeling.” – High school student

Opportunities for Parents

Teen Decision offers educational opportunities just for parents! For the time-crunched, consider our online offerings, such as our topical e-courses and blog. For a more personal and in-depth experience, host or visit a Parent Workshop.

Parent Workshops

Contact Tori Libby at 630-687-1986 or tori@teendecision.org for more information about current scheduled workshops or how your civic organization, PTA, or neighborhood parent group or association can host a workshop.

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If you are looking for something and don’t find it on our resource page, feel free to ask us! We are happy to answer questions and recommend resources.