Gaming. Is it Ruining Boys?

An interesting graphic (link here) reveals some startling statistics about boys and gaming, and connects the dots to conclude that gaming may be a contributor to a host of ills among boys, including lower grades, lower SAT scores, and higher dropout rates.  While it’s impossible to say that gaming is a cause of these things, it’s a legitimate concern.

Why the focus on boys?  For one thing, four times as many boys as girls exhibit signs of addiction to gaming. Fifty percent of boys (versus 14% of girls) admit to owning a “Mature” or “Adults Only” game.  In addition, a Stanford study indicates that boys’ brains are more wired to receive rewards from gaming. has a wealth of information for teens and parents (and adult gaming addicts as well), including symptoms of addiction, a list of the most addictive games, and suggestions for treatment.