A Role Model for Our Kids’ Generation

My daughter told me today that everyone is talking (and Twittering too apparently) about a certain popular sports hero.  Is he the real deal?  Some cynically expect a fall, sooner or later.  In a world full of heroes, most of whom have indeed fallen off their pedestals (think Tiger Woods, or Miley Cyrus), is there anyone we can point our youth to as a person of character to emulate?  Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos’ star quarterback, appears to be a public figure who has the maturity and strength to be who he is, even when ridiculed.  He stands pretty boldly for his values, including his commitment to abstinence.  If your son (or daughter) is looking for a mature role model, steer them toward Tim Tebow, who answered a reporter’s question (see this YouTube link), “Are you saving yourself for marriage,” with a clear “Yes.”  He acknowledged how “shocking” this was, but seemed to be quite comfortable in his skin, as he publicly made a stand for abstinence.  May our children have the courage to make good choices, without embarrassment, like Tim Tebow.