MTV sees the light…sort of

In March I sounded the alarm about an objectionable new show, Skins.  Mercifully, it’s been dropped according to the Washington Post.  So what other shows might parents hope will meet a similar demise?  Jersey Shore, also on MTV, is a good candidate in my mind, but it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon.  I think the jury is still out on whether the overall impact of MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” is good (showing consequences) or bad (turning wayward teens into celebrities, and normalizing teen pregnancy).

As I’ve said before, concerned parents will handle this in different ways.  You might watch shows together and use what you see as a springboard for some great conversation.  Or you might exercise a little justifiable censorship (especially with younger teens).  If you would like to see MTV or other channels “disappear” from the channel lineup (be prepared for howling and gnashing of teeth), here are links explaining how to do it:

Blocking channels on DirecTV:  Instructions here

Blocking channels on Dish: Instructions here

Blocking channels on Comcast: Instructions here

Of course teens can find any show online, legally or illegally, so using internet blocks and insisting that computers be used in public areas are also good ideas.