R-rated movies. What’s the big deal?

OK…I admit it.  I was one of those moms who was pretty strict about what media I allowed my kids to watch.  On at least one occasion, one of my daughters elected to read a book at a sleepover rather than watch the offensive movie being shown by her middle-school friends.  It turns out my motherly unease was well-founded.   USA today reported on a Dartmouth Medical School study that found that almost a quarter of middle-schoolers whose parents let them watch R-rated movies “all the time” had tried a drink without their parents’ knowledge.  A mere 3% who were “never allowed” to watch R-rated movies had tried a drink.  This joins the already established evidence that watching media with adult content at a young age is connected to early sexual activity.  So parents, hold your ground.  It’s OK to set limits on what young, immature brains take in.  Come to think of it…I’m a bit squeamish about the sex and violence in many R-rated movies myself!