Dress for success!

Hey parents! Have you ever found yourself saying (or thinking) “You are NOT wearing that out of this house!”? We found this article (http://www.homeword.com/FreeAdvice/FreeAdviceDetail.aspx?iFreeAdviceId=2) with some helpful advice about fighting battles over fashion.

As a relatively recent teenager, let me encourage you in your role as a parent: you CAN have a say in what your teen wears! Teenagers are still learning right from wrong, good idea from bad idea, but they shouldn’t have to learn it all the hard way. Yes, clothing may seem insignificant compared to issues of drugs, alcohol, violence, depression, or sex – but your guidance is just as valuable in the small things as it is in the big things. If your teenager’s clothing is screaming a message that they will one day regret, find a way to tell them that, even if it means setting up rules or guidelines. Your teenager may start looking like an adult, but they probably aren’t thinking like one yet, so don’t give up your role as “parent” too soon!