Brains & Beauty

Every week when I set out to post for our parents, I find tons of pertinent information I could share. Every week I have to decide how to narrow it down. It’s hard sometimes. Do I share the positive, or the negative?

 This week I couldn’t make up my mind. So, I’m sharing information from two different sites.

 1. “Brains”: For parents who dearly want to encourage their kids away from the same mistakes they made as teens, but are unsure how how much to share, check out Teen Shift: Episode 16 here. Scroll down a bit and listen to the podcast on how to best answer the question, “What did you do when you were my age?” (All you have to do is click the Play arrow.) Andrew Robinson gives some great advice to parents and teachers. Be encouraged!

2. “Beauty”: For parents with teen daughters, check out the article The Skinny On 90210 here. Whether you allow your teen daughter to watch the show or not, it’s a good article revealing how body image (and clothing styles & perceptions of modesty) has changed over the past 15-20 years. Be sure to watch the video interview of teens’ thoughts on body image. It will encourage you to tell your daughter she’s beautiful!