The Value of the Vow

I have a friend whose daughter is pregnant. My friend is waiting for her daughter’s boyfriend to propose. He has asked a blessing, he said he picked up a ring. But there’s no word that he’s popped the question. My friend is hoping for it, waiting. She thinks (in this case) it will be a good thing for both of them. I agree with her.

However, I found this article today discussing how marriage is rare for young women with unexpected pregnancies. I was not sure how I felt after reading it, but I do know I am not sure how I feel about the thought of a young couple marrying for the “sake of the baby”. Marriage is a serious vow, a permanent commitment. It’s sad that it’s not happening. Coming from a divorced family, I know it is also sad when the vow is broken.

 What do you think, parents? How valuable is marriage? In a situation of unexpected pregnancy, what is the best choice? Is it a bad thing that young couples are not marrying to provide a family for the baby? Or is it a good thing, because they may be avoiding future divorce?