Beer Pong

Heard of it? It’s a popular drinking game for teens today. And considering that many teens manage to snag their alcohol from a willing adult, the game is an easy one to play. Read this article and click on the video clip off to the right side of the screen to learn more about the game and the risks of binge drinking.

We’ve known for a long time that underage drinking leads to big problems. One study from CASA (2004) states, “Teens 15 and older who use alcohol are seven times as likely to have sexual intercourse (than non-drinking peers)…”  Research from SADD adds to the list, telling us that almost 25% of teens who are sexually active used alcohol the last time they had sex.

Parents, please don’t think your kids aren’t involved. They could be. And even if they aren’t, chances are they feel the pressure to “join the fun”. What messages are we sending our teens about alcohol?