Definition: Much like cybersex, but over a cell phone. Sending nude or sexual photos via text-messaging.

 Don’t believe it? Do. I had never heard of it until today, when I found the term on two separate websites (, and CPYU linked up to a truly shocking article in the Hartford Advocate. Read it here* (and be prepared). (NOTE: the original link is now gone, but here is a new article on the topic.)

Another article I read today cited that on average, kids are sending 50-70 text messages per day.

Now, obviously, not all your children’s text messages will be inappropriate. Many kids probably know that sexting isn’t all that smart of an idea (note Sarah’s comment in the article). And knowing this doesn’t mean that you should throw your kids’ cell phones in the trash.

But parents, it’s a good idea to talk to your kids about sexting, and the instantaneous consequences that result. Check their phones every once in a while to see what’s in them. You have the right to invade their privacy just a little bit.  It’s for their own good.

*Please note that the article is used purely as reference and does not reflect the opinions of W4YM.

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