What Does It Mean to Protect Our Children?

In a recent news feature, ABC’s Good Morning America attempted to tackle the question “How Young Is Too Young for Birth Control?”  This question came in response to a recent uproar in Portland, Maryland wherein a school associated health center would be allowed to write prescriptions for birth control to sexually active girls as young as sixth grade.  Diane Sawyer, host, was joined by Glen Beck of the “Glen Beck Show” and Logan Levkoff, Sex Educator.   

Beck argued that the plan makes it too easy for girls to have sex and takes power away from the parent.  However, Levkoff continually argued that “We must protect our children.”  By protecting our children, she meant encouraging abstinence but making birth control available just in case they still choose to have sex.  “Sexuality is a part of life and there’s no sense in denying it,” she continued. 

My question is “What does protecting our children’s health look like?”  Does sex only affect their physical health?  How do we address their mental, emotional, and social health?  We’d love to hear from you.