How Young Is Too Young For Birth Control?

So you go to your 13 year old daughter’s room at 9:00pm to say goodnight to her. Her door is cracked and you sneak a peak before you proceed. You see her put something in her mouth and chase it down with a glass of water. Concerned that she may have a headache or something you say “Sweetie, what’s wrong?” Startled, she replies “Mom, what are you doing?” You reply, “I saw you taking aspirin…do you have a headache?” You look down at the package on her nightstand, only to discover that what she took was not aspirin, it was birth control.

Sound a little far fetched? Well soon, it may not be for a middle school in Portland, Maine (see This subject is the topic of a heated debate about “How Young Is Too Young for Birth Control?” Just think; if this school votes for it, girls as young as sixth grade can obtain birth control without parental consent if they’re sexually active.

What do you as a parent think? Would you be happy if your child’s school provided them with condoms? What about birth control? At what point should the line be drawn? We’d love to hear from you!