Teen Decision’s programs are fully supported by people like you…people who care about keeping our youth on track toward a healthy, happy future.  Your donations are fully tax deductible.

What makes Teen Decision unique?We fill a gap in today’s sex education, teaching teens how to have healthier relationships and how delaying sexual activity can actually improve relationship outcomes. Our educators serve over 10,000 students in 35 public and private schools throughout the western suburbs of Chicago. Teen Decision’s proven program design approaches sex education as a part of social-emotional learning. Our educators provide medically accurate information about sexual risks, but don’t stop there. Each educator relates the information to real life and engages students in practical discussions to help apply the information. Facts are presented alongside strategies to help teens have healthier relationships so that lessons become more than just a talk about “the birds and the bees.” The emphasis on healthy relationships makes the program beneficial to students at all stages of development.  You can know that your donation will make a real difference to young men and women just learning what life and love are all about.  Help them make choices that foster a bright and healthy future.