Who are the greatest lovers out there?

The cultural stereotype of a great lover is the swinging single dude, a little older (therefore “experienced”), wealthy (so he can still get the younger ladies), suave, wears cologne and drinks expensive liquor, hooking up with conquests every weekend and living a guilt-free, pleasure-filled life with no strings attached. Such a man does not exist! He is a figment of our cultural imagination, a fantasy. The truth is, by the time they’re 40, guys who try to live like this are often depressed and lonely, wasting as much money on a weekend as they make in a week in a desperate attempt to get the attention of younger women, massively deceived about how good of a “lover” they really are, probably infected with 2 or 3 STDs, and getting wrinkly. In fact, in any given week, they are far less likely to have sex than the typical married man.

The world’s greatest lovers are married (guess what…studies show married people are the happiest with their sex lives), and are people who value and love their spouse as a person…not just a body. The best lovers out there care about all aspects of their relationship, and spend most of their time doing very normal things, like working a steady job, caring for children, and helping out to make a home together. A guy (or girl, for that matter) like that truly knows his mate, he knows how to please her in every way, and she loves him for it and thinks he is the greatest lover in the world.

So here’s the wake up call! If your view of dating relationships is primarily about sexual pleasure, not about romancing and wooing the person of your dreams, then you will likely end up lonely, depressed, wrinkly and STD ridden. So wake up! Change your mind, change your heart, and change your behavior. For those who seek to be honorable and noble in your relationships, who want more out of life than mere pleasure, who hope to find true and lasting love: be encouraged! Save your sexuality for the one you commit to for the long haul, and once you are married commit to the work it takes to figure it all out; then trust that it gets better and better!!! That’s the clearest way to become, in the eyes of your beloved (which is all that matters), the world’s greatest lover.

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