Flesh-eating Recreational Drug Arrives in the Area

This has to be the most frightening drug I’ve ever heard of…a drug called Krokodil, that destroys human tissue from the inside out.  According to an article and video by local Fox News, users in Russia, where there has been an epidemic, typically die within 2 years of beginning to use this injectable drug.  It is cheap to make, and gives a short but intense high, about “three times more potent than heroin” according to the article.  But it destroys blood vessels, leading to tissue death near the site of the injection.  Gangrene sets in, leading to skin with a “crocodile-like” greenish color and scaly appearance.  People literally rot, can need skin grafts or amputation, and die from infection from the rotting tissue.  This would be a good video to watch with your kids, as this drug has just recently appeared in the U.S. and is now showing up in Will County.