Parents Need to Know about Snapchat

I realize that I’ve posted almost every month lately about dangerous uses of media.  But here’s another one.  Snapchat (and it’s rival, Poke).  These phone apps promise that any photo or video you send, “disintegrates” in seconds.  So guess what teens think they can do safely now?  Send sexual pictures.  I’ve even seen the term “safe sexting” used.  No worries, since no one can pass it on to be seen by others or live forever in cyberspace.  Or that’s what they think.  In fact, Snapchat gives a false sense of security.  Anyone can take a “screen shot” of what you send before it disappears, and then it can be passed on just like any other photo.  As with any sharing of information, Snapchat can be used for good, or for ill.  Here is an MSNBC video about this wildly popular app that will tell you more: LINK