Instagram; the New Facebook for Teens

Just when we think we’ve figured out what our teens are doing online, along comes something new.  The photo sharing app, Instagram, is now being used as an alternative (or in addition to) Facebook.  In fact, it’s the top photo sharing site among teens 12-17.  Because teens are commenting on the pictures, Instagram also functions much like Facebook.

As with any other social media, we parents need to be aware of what is being posted.  It’s not OK for teens to have privacy rights here.  You should be able to check out what they’re saying, and showing, from time to time, just so your daughter thinks twice before posing in her new hot bikini, for instance.  An article in shares with parents what we need to know about Instagram, and includes a link to one parent’s experience becoming a “follower” of her daughter’s Instagram, and the VERY helpful rules she’s implemented in her house about the use of this site.