Social Networking Site, Formspring, a Concern

Twice this past month I have had teens tell me about a new website they are using, called Formspring.  In the first class where it came up, the teens basically told me that I wouldn’t want to go there (presumably since I am an abstinence speaker), because people put sexy pictures of themselves up for comment.  Then, last week another student mentioned how people can comment anonymously on your pictures, or on your life, on your Formspring.  Hmmm.  This seems fraught with danger to me.  Indeed, I did a little research, and found some more information for you to read in this article.  The article points out that this six month old website “invites users age 13 and over to pose questions (or comments) to account-holders without identifying themselves. It also invites everything from unkind remarks to sexual harassment to cyber-bullying, critics say.”