No common sense about drinking

Do you ever wonder just how “common” common sense is?   We wonder how it is that there is so much obesity among our youth.  But all they ever see is super-sized meals.  Even I was surprised to hear that a reasonable portion of meat (one that won’t make you gain weight) is about the size of a pack of cards.  Young people see adults getting a daily Starbucks, and don’t realize that their part-time income from a fast food job can’t support that level of spending if they also want to save for college.  What if we told them that they can make a quality cup of coffee at home for about 25 cents (including creamer and sugar).

And then there’s drinking.  A study of  2,544 teens found that “Downing five or more alcoholic drinks nearly every day isn’t seen as a big problem” by 45% of them!  Maybe our kids need a reality check.  Maybe it’s our job to impart a little common sense.  When one in three 8th graders drinks, and one in five teens binge drink, it’s time have a talk.  You can start this way:  “I know that as you get older, some of your friends [kids in school] are going to drink alcohol…”

Here is more about drinking from Mothers Against Drunk Drivers: Link to Statistics