Why do we let them dress that way?

As someone well past my prime, I do vicariously enjoy the fresh beauty of my daughters.  Aaaah…to be young, and a size 2!  But I also taught them how to dress modestly.  As one of the students in a class I taught bluntly put it, “If it isn’t for sale, you shouldn’t be advertising it.”   If you have boys, you may be concerned about their ability to concentrate in their classes with all that flesh making an appearance now that spring is here.   (To be fair, we went on to discuss the responsibility boys bear for what they do with their eyes and thoughts).

Have you had these battles in your house…wondering where to draw the line when so many of your child’s peers are allowed to dress so immodestly these days?  And interesting article in the Wall Street Journal has a few theories which may explain why, even if you have high standards in your home, your kids are swimming against the tide if they are dressed to show less.