Foul language more frequent

A teacher recently told me how appalled she was at the language she’d heard a student use in the school parking lot toward his mother.  Yep…it was the “F” word.  And mom didn’t say a thing, but took it.

Many of us have noticed an increased tolerance among young people for foul language.  What isn’t clear is what role media may play in the increased use of crude language in everyday society.  Is it that media is following a trend already in existence in society, or is media leading the way?  What IS clear is that there has been a dramatic increase in crude language and swearing in the media.  A study showed, among other things, that the use of the muted or bleeped “F” word increase 2,409% from 2005 to 2010!  Other finding were that crude anatomical references doubled or tripled (depending on the word).

You might want to encourage your child to take take a stand (and maybe increase his or her intelligence a few IQ points at the same time) by NOT resorting to cussing.  A boy started a No Cussing Club at his middle school in 2007, and has seen the idea spread throughout the world.  He’s even been on Jay Leno!  Why not forward a link to the club’s website to your teen?  It might start on interesting conversation about the kind of language your child has been hearing among his or her peers.