He’s YOUR son, so who gets the first word on sex?

I asked Kevin, a college student I know well (and the kind of guy you’d want to marry your daughter):  “What is most likely to “work” in having/starting conversations about sex with a son?” Here’s just one of the bits of advice he gave, with more to follow in future blogs. “First, the conversation definitely needs to happen, and not just once. A boy is going to learn about his sexuality from somewhere. By delaying or even not talking about it at all, you send him off to learn about sexuality from the media (bad), his peers (bad), his friends (usually bad), or through his own personal experimentation (worst).  The PARENT should be the first one to talk to them about sex.”  And when should that happen?  If you as a parent want to be the first to weigh in on the topic (with sons or daughters), it’s best done by middle school, he said.  Mom and Dad, if it hasn’t happened, it’s time to get started!  If it’s been a while, it’s time to do it again.