We’re Changing Our Name

Wait For Your Mate has a new name!

What is it?  We are now called Amplify Youth Development.

Why the change? We’ve known for a long time that the education we provide teens extends beyond the narrow message of abstinence-until-marriage. We also teach teens about making choices, avoiding peer pressure, creating healthy friendships and relationships, and setting goals for their future. An abstinent lifestyle plays into all these areas (i.e. teens who choose abstinence generally experience more success than teens that do not). Let us be clear: Our message that abstinence until marriage is the safest and healthiest choice for a teen will remain strong. But we had a desire to flesh out that vision and add more to the program. It got bigger. And suddenly, our old name was too small.

Why Amplify? That’s simple. If you can picture a sound wave emanating off a stereo speaker, or a ripple of water extending out from a splash in a pond, the word “amplify” holds the idea of growth. Our desire, when we work with teens, is to create a ripple effect – an amplifying effect – in their lives. We want to present them with a challenge towards healthy living and a healthy future. And then we want them to take that message and share it with their peers – extending their influence out further. We want our teens to dream bigger dreams and have high hopes and expectations. We want them to amplify their lives.

How do we get more information? We’re creating a new website for teens and parents. Once it’s up, when you visit this site, you should be redirected.

Questions? Contact us at info@mylifeamplified.com