Be a Voice for Abstinence Education


 Just a quick note today. Many times we get comments from parents about how much they value our program. They wonder what they can do to encourage or help our organization. NOW is a very important time to make your voice heard!

If your experience with our program has been strengthening and encouraging to you and your teenager, or if you are grateful we have a voice in the schools, please consider letting your representative know and especially our Governor—Pat Quinn. You can Contact the Governor at: 207 Statehouse, Springfield, IL, 62706, phone: 217-782-6830; Chicago, 312-814-2121 or e-mail

We recommend calling first, and then following up with a phone call. Brief is good – let them know how you appreciate the abstinence education movement in DuPage County (and in the US).

And again, parents, thank you for all your support of the Wait For Your Mate Program!