The Internet… Again!

Parents, check out this article (here) called, “How to Keep Kids Safe Online.” It’s a very realistic article, and one that has some good resources and suggestions.

 Something to note: the article makes full acknowledgement that truly tech-savvy teens are going to find their way around any filtering or blocking programs you may purchase. They also point out that teens who are going to create trouble on the Internet are most likely also creating trouble elsewhere – so it’s easy to predict.

Please be realistic about your boundaries and expectations. Know that although you may forbid the use of Internet in your home, your teen may choose to access it at school or at a friend’s house. Be communicating with other parents about what your rules are.

If computer use is okay at home, be sure that you are nearby, keeping an eye on what’s going on. It’s okay to set deals, too. I know one father who wouldn’t let his teen create a Facebook account unless she “friended” him once he was on.

Check our earlier post on slang, or visit the Internet Slang Dictionary (they have a translator too) here to get schooled in texting lingo.