Redefine Quality Time

Hello Parents.

As I began thinking about a new post for this week, I noticed that of the ten facts cited last week from, mothers were mentioned specifically 4 times, and fathers only once. You are important, dads; sorry if we made you feel overlooked. Here’s something to prove it.

And lest our readers feel they are being insulted for not spending enough time with their kids, let me encourage you. We at W4YM know you are doing the best that you can. We simply want to encourage you to keep at it. Simple things and moments matter.

Case in point: One of my favorite memories with my father is of a shopping trip we took to a local discount warehouse. I was 13. My parents had divorced, and I was spending a Saturday with my father. He had some grocery shopping to do. So, we hopped in the car, ran to a local grocery store and bought green apples, peanuts, and Cokes. Munching our goodies en route, we drove on to the warehouse, where we spent the afternoon eating every possible sample offered us (trying for seconds and thirds when we could!), and eyeing all the fun toys and silly gadgets we couldn’t rationalize buying. My dad talked with me, laughed at my jokes, and bought me a candy bar before we left the store. Maybe there was something in the chocolate but, almost 20 years later, I can still pinpoint that day in my mind.

And I am not so old that I think a 13-year-old today wouldn’t enjoy something similar. Don’t think you have to do something amazing to entertain them. Like my dad did, grab a snack, take those moments, and make them count.