Responding to current events

I am passing along an update that I received from the Medical Institute for Sexual Health. All credit goes to MI. It is informative and helpful!

Using Current Events to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

This week, Jamie Lynn Spears, the 16-year old television star and sister of pop star Britney Spears, announced that she’s pregnant with the child of her 19-year old boy friend.

In response Gary L. Rose, M.D., President and CEO of the Medical Institute for Sexual Health released the following statement.

“The Jamie Lynn Spears situation is a heartbreaking, and all too common, example of the circumstance in which many young people find themselves today. 20% of teens under 18 get pregnant within 6 months of starting on the pill, and 20% of teens under 18 get pregnant over a period of 1 year using condoms. In addition, the lower the age of sexual debut the greater the increase in lifetime partners, and consequently the greater the risk for STIs.”

“In the days ahead Jamie Spears will need the loving support and encouragement of those around her. For the parents and young people watching, the Medical Institute for Sexual Health would like to encourage them to take note, the problem of teen pregnancy is one that can impact us all.”

5 Tips for parents on how they can use the Jamie Spears story to talk with teens about sex:

  • Talk about the news: The Jamie Spears story is a hot topic that will interest almost every teen.

  • Role play:Ask your child what they would do if they were in Jamie’s (or her boyfriend’s) shoes.

  • Discuss the impact:Ask your teen how and in what ways they think this will change Jamie’s life.

  • Discuss prevention:Ask your teen how this situation could have been prevented.

  • Offer your opinion: Research shows that teens want to hear what their parents have to say about sex. Offering a clear standard will help guide their decision making.

Thank to the Medical Institute!