New statistics reveal teens listen

Did you know that when we talk to our teens about sex and relationships, they are listening to us? A new report released by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy reveals the following statistics:

  • Most teens (64%) say they share their parents values about sex. That means that despite the teenage penchant for rebellion, most teens are learning from you and adopting your beliefs. The standards that you set will make a difference.

  • Teens also say that parents most influence their decisions about sex: more so even than friends or the media.

  • Most sexually experienced teens (60%) wish they had waited longer to have intercourse. That’s a statistic worth sharing with your teen!

  • The vast majority (75%) of teens do not think it is embarrassing for teens to admit they are virgins. Teach your child that virgin is not a dirty word.

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy recently released With One Voice 2007, a report summarizing a national survey of adults and teens on issues related to teen sex and pregnancy. It is the fifth in a series that goes back to 2001. The complete report can be found in .pdf format at